WHTM Transitions To HD With Autoscript

When Allbritton Communications’ ABC affiliate WHTM Harrisburg, Pa. (DMA 41), made the transition to HD, the station also upgraded its studio teleprompting gear, selecting teleprompters from Autoscript.

“Local news is the heart and soul of what we do as a local station—it is our direct connection to the community,” said Keith Blaisdell, director of technology, WHTM.  “After looking at many vendors, it was evident that Autoscript really offers the best overall picture quality, packaging, and integrated system from all the vendors that we looked at. Autoscript sincerely understands what we do as newscasters and their products are forward thinking.”

Already familiar with Autoscript WinPlus teleprompting software, WHTM selected three 17-inch LED teleprompters (LED17TFT) to replace existing glass CRT prompters in the newsroom. In addition, each prompting unit is equipped with Autoscript W19 wide screen- on-air talent monitors. Both products are used with JVC GY-HM790 cameras in a studio configuration supported by Vinten Studio Tripods.

“We were already using WinPlus software, so the new prompters and monitors were literally plug and play, making it all very easy for us,” Blaisdell said. “We were focused on image quality, readability and the ability to integrate seamlessly with our new HD studio environment and Autoscript answered all of those prerequisites. It’s a wonderful fact that these prompters are far more energy efficient than the old glass tubes and, quite frankly, they’re much lighter weight.”

Autoscript’s LED17TFT wide-angle, on-camera prompter incorporates the latest in Autoscript’s illumination technology, the TFT (thin-film transistor) LED system. Unlike CCFLs (cold cathode fluorescent tubes), which take many minutes to reach full efficiency and light output, the LED17TFT offers instant warm-up to full brightness. In addition, the LED17TFT comes with a wide-angle hood for news- or studio-based productions.

Addressing all mounting, power, viewing angle and format issues typically associated with on-air talent monitors, the W19 is designed to work directly with Autoscript teleprompters, such as the LED17TFT, offering unparalleled functionality.


“We really liked that the talent monitor was SDI and HDSDI capable, so we could route the HDSDI right to it,” Blaisdell said. “Also, the fact that the prompter was designed with additional power outputs for accessories like a talent monitor and clock system, for example, helps us to avoid running extra cabling in the studio. Autoscript thinks ahead when it comes to prompting technology and they were with us every step of the way. It was probably one of the most seamless events in the entire HD transition.”

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