WILM Adds MeTV As Secondary Station

Capitol Broadcasting’s CBS affiliate WILM Wilmington, N.C. (DMA 131), announced today that it has struck a deal with Weigel Broadcasting’s MeTV to be the classic TV diginet’s Wilmington affiliate. MeTV will be broadcast on ch. 10.2 for free over-the-air viewers; cable channel assignments will be announced at a later date. WILM GM Constance H. Knox says MeTV Wilmington should be up and running on or about Dec. 1.

“We are so excited about this opportunity to bring MeTV to Wilmington. I’ve had many requests for this network from local viewers.” Knox said. “I believe this is the absolute best network out there for subchannels options. It’ll be an opportunity for audiences to revisit their favorite shows while sharing this family friendly programming with new younger audiences who may discover it for the first time.”

Me-TV is distributed with the help of MGM Television.

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