WJXT Copter Features GSS, Ikegami Gear

Graham Media’s independent WJXT Jacksonville, Fla. (DMA 47) has a new B512 Broadcast Series system from Gyro-Stabilized Systems (GSS), equipped with an Ikegami HDL-F3000 high sensitivity compact two-piece separate optics camera.    

The install represents the world’s first Gyro-Stabilized Systems B512 camera system powered by GSS’s GroundControl wireless bi-directional gimbal control solution. The station can fully remote-control the B512’s gimbal and camera from the studio, allowing it to fly its Robinson R44 helicopter while safely and expertly controlling, viewing and broadcasting in real-time to greatly reduce overall costs. The addition of the B512 also allows the helicopter to carry a full load of fuel, which translates to a substantially longer flight time.

With its compact and light camera head, the 2.2-lb Ikegami HDL-F3000 helped GSS’ B512 to significantly cut the weight of WJXT’s prior solution. The new system reduces the solution size footprint, improving helicopter safety and reducing fuel consumption by adding ground-clearance and improving the helicopter’s aerodynamic profile.

WJXT’s ENG solution uses its own LTE 4G (3GPT LTE) network for both camera and gimbal control, while also relaying 1080 video down to WJXT’s production facilities. Accelerated Media Technologies’ ENGenesis solution powers the system’s core networking technology.

“The Ikegami HDL-F3000’s image-gathering capabilities paired with the GSS B512 gyro-stabilized system and the Canon HJ 40×10 zoom lens creates a cutting-edge aerial ENG platform whose combination of performance, stability, functionality and size-and-weight footprint are unmatched,” says GSS CTO Steve Rudolph.

The HDL-F3000 is Ikegami’s high sensitivity compact two-piece separate optics camera for gyro-stabilized gimbal applications. Equipped with 2/3-inch 2.6 megapixel CMOS sensors, it achieves a minimum illumination of 0.007 lux, with image enhancement features that include noise reduction, haze removal, and digital zoom. The HDL-F3000 operates in 1080i, 720p, and 30p formats, and was recognized with NewBay Media’s “Best of Show” Award at NAB 2016.


“GSS’ integration of the Ikegami HDL-F3000 is a credit to their system design and their organization,” says Teri Zastrow, Ikegami director of sales and marketing. “Not only does the HDL-F3000 demonstrate pioneering performance in ultra low-light, it also excels in daylight. Together with the GSS B512, the HDL-F3000 creates a system with incredible stability for electronic news gathering, 24 hours a day.”

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