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WMAR Adds ‘Next Steps With Pat Pattison’

Career and transition coach and entertainment marketing executive Pat Pattison has teamed up with TV Guestpert productions to create a series of 90-second news segments called Next Steps with Pat Pattison. The segments are available nationally in syndication.

One of the first stations to clear Next Steps is Scripps-owned ABC affiliate WMAR Baltimore for its Midday Maryland show.

The series highlights in a step-by-step “how-to” formula topics aimed at older viewers such as “Better connecting with your Grandkids,” “Overcoming grief,” “How to get your kids to move out” and more.

“We respect Pat as a sought-after news expert on executive and transition coaching and his topics on helping our viewers enjoy their ‘second-act’ is a perfect fit for our new show,” said Bill Hooper, WMAR VP-GM.

The segments are meant to be informative, straightforward “how-tos” for the growing 50-plus demo that is transitioning in many aspects of their lifestyle, career and health.

“We did some research and found that ‘how-tos’ were the No. 2 watched category on YouTube after product reviews. It made sense to produce this important information in a how-to format. They will first be broadcast and then have an afterlife archived on YouTube for the stations”, Pattison explained.


Pattison is a Hudson Institute certified career and transition coach and is the on–air host of Remade in California, a statewide business cable show on Spectrum Cable. He also is the one of the founding partners of Incentive Sales Rewards, a media marketing agency.

TV Guestpert is a media agency that specializes in developing on-air news experts and authors as well as producing TV shows and on-air segments. It is executive producer of Pat Pattison’s Remade in California.

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