WMOR Offering Show Tickets To Military Families

In an effort to show support for the families of military personnel, Hearst independent WMOR Tampa (DMA 14) and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey donated tickets to military families at MacDill Air Force base in Tampa as part of the station’s annual Hometown Heroes promotion.

WMOR’s Hometown Heroes is dedicated to deployed military personnel who wish to provide holiday greetings to loved ones in the Tampa Bay area. MOR daytime show host and former Marine Steve Wilkos hosts the vignettes that run throughout the holiday season through the first of the year.

The tickets are for upcoming Tampa performances of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents Dragons, Jan. 4-8, 2012, at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa.

“MOR has always supported our military,” said WMOR Creative Services Director David Lawrence. “Being that we’re a military town, it provides an even greater connection. We applaud Ringling Brothers generous donation and their participation in this year’s WMOR Hometown Heroes program.”

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Meredith Emerson says:

December 29, 2011 at 11:56 am

I can’t help but wonder how many Military families would attend Ringling Bros Circus if they knew the truth about how their exotic circus animals are abused behind closed doors. The children would run screaming and crying from the Big Top to see the animals they love being abused.
The USDA just fined Ringling Bros Circus $270,000 for 24 violations of the Animal Welfare Act.
The Web abounds with videos and pictures showing how Ringling starts beating their baby elephants to make them perform.,
This exotic circus animal abuse is so egregious and well documented that House of Representative Bill Young of Florida and 12 H.R. members are co-sponsoring H.R. Bill 3359 Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act.
Dr. Joyce Poole is a world renowned elephant researcher of 40 years. She states:
“How many children would choose to go to the circus if they knew what takes place behind the scenes? ….The totally unnatural existence for circus elephants is a travesty and to allow this practice to continue is unjustified and unethical.”
Just like it was wrong for the educators at Penn State and Syracuse to ignore child abuse it is wrong for society to continue to ignore that Ringling Bros Circus has abused its exotic animals for decades.

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