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WOIO Meteorologist To Attempt Guinness Record

Raycom CBS affiliate WOIO Cleveland (DMA 18) Meteorologist Jason Handman will pursue worldwide fame this Thursday, Dec. 9, by attempting the Guinness World Record for most neckties worn at one time. Handman’s attempt will be broadcasted live on the station throughout its afternoon newscasts, every half hour beginning at 4 p.m. and concluding in the 6 p.m. newscast.

The minimum amount of neckties required to set this record is 50, but Handman is aiming higher. “There is a video online of a man wearing over 90, so I anticipate going for well over 100,” says Handman. “I intend to bring home a solid win for Cleveland, one Windsor knot at a time.”

According to official Guinness World Record guidelines, each tie must be tied into one of the known tie knots (such as the Four-In-Hand or Windsor). There will be no time limit. All neckties used must be commercially available. Various sizes of neckties are allowed, as well as an assistant to help put on the neck ties. Bow ties are not allowed.

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