WorldNow Touts Client Revenue Gains

It says its TV station clients will realize digital media revenue increases in the first quarter 42% greater than the same time last year.

WorldNow, a provider of online technology and sales services to broadcasters, said today that the sales programs it now has in place at 123 of its station-clients are on pace to generate $40 million revenue in the first quarter of 2011. That’s up 42% from the same quarter last year.

“Digital media has finally become top of mind for most television stations,” said WorldNow CEO Gary Gannaway, who pointed out the revenue from the WorldNow programs are just a portion (anywhere from 15% to 50%) of the total local online revenue of the stations.

“After selling for over 10 years in the local online market, we have codified our best practices by learning from all our mistakes and successes,” he said.

WorldNow also released statements from two major clients crediting WorldNow for revenue gains.

The “sales programs are a prime example of how [WorldNow’s] strategic structure promotes the development of new revenue streams,” said James Killen, VP of sales for Allbritton Communications.

”With WorldNow’s guidance, we have built lots of momentum and will continue to develop our ad sales initiatives to generate even more revenue this year.”


Pat LaPlatney, VP of digital media for Raycom Media, the programs backed by in-market training “create a positive sales approach which results in tremendous revenue opportunities.”

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Brad Dann says:

February 24, 2011 at 4:38 pm

Not sure about Allbritton, but Raycom has major equity position in Worldnow, they have to say they’re great.

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