WPVI Launches Double Scan Radar Technology

ABC O&O WPVI Philadelphia (DMA 4) today unveiled its new local radar system, Baron Services’ Double Scan.

Traditional radar utilizes one horizontal beam. WPVI’s radar now has dual-polarmetric radar — the traditional horizontal beam, plus a second, vertically-oriented pulse. Developed by Baron Services, the new technology will give 3D shape to the current radar measurements of particles in the air, such as raindrops, snow and hail stones. The station says this will improve forecast accuracy of precipitation types, accumulation and flooding potential.

Baron developed this tool in partnership with National Weather Service, Department of Defense and Federal Aviation Administration. WPVI President-GM Bernie Prazenica says this is worth the million-dollar investment. “Technological advancements like this can be lifesaving in times of severe weather. We’re proud to be one of the first television stations in the nation to use this cutting edge tool.”

WPVI says it is one of only two television stations in the market to own and operate its own radar, but is the only station with Double Scan technology. The station’s Chief Meteorologist Cecily Tynan says she’s impressed with the Double Scan difference: “This radar is so powerful it can cut through multiple layers of a storm, and for the first time in history, tell us when a tornado is on the ground by identifying the difference between rain drops and actual debris being kicked up by the tornado.”

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