WPVI’s Saltzman Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Wendy Saltzman, investigative reporter at ABC O&O WPVI Philadelphia (DMA 4) said today she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Saltzman made the announcement on her Facebook page. She will be taking medical leave for treatment next month. Here is her statement:

“I learned I had breast cancer on Dec. 22, just three days before Christmas. It took me a little while to cope with the diagnosis, which I kept private for some time. I credit early detection for my favorable prognosis, and I’m thankful my chances of survival are great. I am sharing my story in hopes other women will make their health a priority.

“Initially, I ignored a doctor’s recommendation to get a follow-up mammogram back in May of 2015. Almost 17 months later at the end of last year, I had an excisional biopsy, a surgery which diagnosed a lump in the back of my breast as cancer.

“I thought I was too healthy to have cancer. I’m sure most people in my shoes think the same thing. Since my diagnosis, I have spent several weeks interviewing doctors, speaking to friends who’ve had cancer, and getting second opinions about my course of treatment. I have gone through a range of emotions and it took me a while to even want to speak about it.

“Anyone who has ever been told, “YOU HAVE CANCER,” can relate. There are fears of a recurrence and multiple options for treatment. Some days I feel strong, other days I cry.

“In March, I will undergo a bilateral mastectomy to avoid a possible recurrence, radiation and possibly hormone therapy. I hope for and anticipate a full and quick recovery, however I will be off the air for several weeks during that time.


“I’m blessed by the support of my wonderful family, friends, and my work family at 6abc. I look forward to the day I can put the “C” word behind me, and consider myself among the survivors. I ask for your prayers, and appreciate your compassion and support during this time. I hope my journey may inspire one woman to get that checkup, and let others who are going through this quietly know that they are not alone.”

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