DMA 26 Promoting Citizen Engagement

The Capitol Broadcasting CBS affiliate launches a partnership with SeeClickFix and the city of Raleigh, N.C., that lets people report civic issues using their mobile phones.

Reporting issues such as graffiti, potholes or broken street signs is now as simple as snapping a picture with a mobile phone and clicking “Send” thanks to a partnership announced today between and SeeClickFix.

SeeClickFix, a technology platform created to provide a direct connection between residents and their city governments, allows anyone to use the Web or a mobile app ( to quickly report an issue in their area. The platform facilitates citizen reporting in hundreds of cities around the world.

“Raleigh residents have a new, effective channel for communicating with local government and public works,” said General Manager John Clark. “This service is redefining citizen engagement on the local level.”

WRAL is sponsoring  professional-level accounts for each Raleigh City Council member, the mayor and the city manager. Although SeeClickFix is free for anyone to use, agencies or administrators can purchase “Pro” accounts for faster and better issue management. Integrating the service into means Raleigh residents will have a convenient way to report and track issues.

The City of Raleigh will be accepting reports related to graffiti, potholes, drainage, signals/signs, parks/trails, water/sewer service, garbage pickup and any other civic issues.  Issues are plotted on an interactive map as they are received and assigned colored markers. As issues are received by city officials and fixed, the markers change colors so residents can track progress.

SeeClickFix provides online and mobile platforms that empower citizens, community groups, media and local governments to care for and improve the country’s neighborhoods. It was founded on the belief that citizens who take the time to report even minor issues and see them fixed are likely to become more engaged in their local communities.


Started in New Haven, Conn., in 2008, SeeClickFix now has millions of viewers and has logged tens of thousands of reports. The service is accessible online, via Blackberry, iPhone and Android mobile platforms and widgets found on media partner websites such as the Washington Post, Gannett, SFGate, and

Raleigh residents can access SeeClickFix by searching for the keyword “fix” on

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