WTHR Tornado Relief Effort Now Over $60,000

Dispatch Broadcast Group’s NBC affiliate WTHR Indianapolis (DMA 26) announced Tuesday that its WTHR Cares: Oklahoma Tornado Relief  effort has now raised more than $60,000 from viewers who donated through WTHR’s website or at designated locations across Central Indiana, with additional funds still being raised.

Proceeds go directly to the American Red Cross for victims of Oklahoma’s devastating tornadoes. The team effort was developed in conjunction with the station’s emergency response partners that include The American Red Cross, Kroger Grocery Stores, St. Vincent Health, Forum Credit Union and WFMS-FM. The emergency response partnership is a cooperative arrangement formed by WTHR to coordinate relief efforts in times of emergency.

WTHR activated the emergency response team on Tuesday, May 21. Social media, Web and on-air announcements throughout the day and the week, provided viewers with information on how to donate. Kroger Grocery Stores and Forum Credit Unions across Central Indiana were quickly up and running as collection points. WFMS-FM assisted WTHR in helping to communicate information on how viewers can contribute. WTHR News provided extensive newscast announcements for the relief effort.

WTHR and its emergency response partners will continue relief efforts for the next several weeks, encouraging viewers to donate online, at Central Indiana Kroger Grocery Stores or Forum Credit Unions.

“We are always amazed and grateful for the generosity of Hoosiers,” said WTHR President-GM John Cardenas. “Last year, Indiana was devastated by tornadoes and the tragedy in Oklahoma certainly brought back memories. I’m proud of our community and our staff, and I know as our efforts continue we will raise even more money for those in need,” he added.

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