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WTVR Launches W82TEXT PSA Campaign

Local TV’s CBS affiliate WTVR Richmond, Va. (DMA 57), in partnership with the personal injury law firm of Emroch & Kilduff, LLP, has introduced W82TEXT, a public service effort to combat the dangers associated with texting while driving.

WTVR, Emroch & Kilduff  and other local businesses will be a driving force to inform the Central Virginia community of the dangers associated with texting while driving. This public service campaign encourages drivers of all ages, to Wait To Text and will utilize multiple informational platforms throughout the year via televised messages, and social media. Community members are encouraged to fill out an online pledge form, promising not text while behind the wheel of their vehicle. Rubber “thumb-bands” will be distributed throughout the year so participants will be reminded of their pledge.

The station said that numerous studies have found that texting while driving can be more dangerous than driving under the influence. Some published findings have stated drivers are twenty times more likely to be involved in an accident while texting behind the wheel, than drivers who are not.

WTVR and Emroch & Kilduff said they will also provide educational material during this campaign.

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