WUSF’s JoAnn Urofsky Named NETA Board Chair

JoAnn Urofsky, GM of noncommercial WUSF Tampa, Fla. (DMA 13), will soon add a new leadership role in public broadcasting, as chair of the board of the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA).

Urofsky had previously been chair-elect of NETA, a national association that provides content, consulting and support for more than 90 broadcasters in the United States public television community.

“I’m honored to be chosen to serve as chair of NETA, an organization that is indispensable to the nation’s public television stations for its support of our education mission as well as professional development and system leadership,” Urofsky said.

Urofsky’s new term began this month, and during her term, she will remain general manager of WUSF, which creates and distributes a wide range of programming to listeners and viewers through radio, television, online and mobile apps.

NETA began in the 1960s as a Southeastern U.S. regional association, and has grown today to include stations across the country, from Alaska to New England and the US Virgin Islands. The group now provides content to every public TV station in the United States.

NETA also helps stations with training for community engagement, education services, promotion, fundraising/development, content production for broadcast and online, and management resources.


Among many other leadership posts in broadcasting, Urofsky currently serves on the board of PBS and has served on the board of NPR. “I’m looking forward to working closely with the impressive board leaders and NETA’s talented staff to continue to build and strengthen this great organization.”  

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