Industry-leading CEOs at the cutting edge of broadcasting innovation will tackle the crucial theme of monetization within the evolving landscape of TV service. They will focus on the latest advancements in OTA viewership data, audience measurement and the strategic partnerships that are making these innovations a tangible reality for broadcasters and advertisers alike. How will NextGen TV technologies enhance viewer experiences in the burgeoning world of over-the-air sports broadcasting? How will they open new avenues for monetization through improved audience measurement and targeted content delivery? How will the industry’s rollout of HDR illuminate how superior picture quality an precise viewership data are creating lucrative opportunities for content creators and distributors. Our speakers will explore the potential of broadcast IP channels as a novel platform for OTA viewers, highlighting how these channels are set to revolutionize the broadcasting ecosystem by offering personalized, data-driven content that caters to diverse audiences, thereby unlocking new revenue streams.This session promises to offer a holistic view of the future of broadcasting, where innovation in viewership measurement and NEXTGEN technologies are driving the industry toward more effective monetization strategies, ensuring a vibrant future for TV service providers, advertisers and content creators.