TVN’S TV2020

Broadcasters Tout IP Progress At TV2020

While the move from SDI to IP continues to pick up speed, more development — and better cooperation among key stakeholders — is still needed to improve advertising technology and deliver better measurement in order to complete with digital competitors like Google and Facebook.

TVN’S TV2020

How To Take Advantage Of OTT Opportunities

Stations can get tools and platforms that will deliver ads, target ads and do all the backend content distribution and data analytics. But to be successful, “it really goes back to understanding who your audience is and how they want to interact with your content.”


Pearl, CE Makers Keep Up Push Toward 3.0

Broadcasters and consumer electronics makers stood united at TVN’s TV2020 conference today in working toward introduction of ATSC 3.0 services of some kind in markets by 2020. The initial services have yet to be determined, but will probably include 4K HDR UltraHD and immersive audio.