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Cable Trade Groups Take FCC To Court Over Digital Discrimination Rules

Cable-affiliated internet service providers (ISPs) are challenging new federal digital discrimination rules in federal court in Washington, the second major legal case to target the rules. The suit was filed Friday in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit by NCTA - The Internet & Television Association and ACA Connects, which combined represent hundreds of broadband ISPs, the vast majority of them small.


New Sports Streamer Dials Up Anxieties For Local Broadcasters

Top station group executives see deeper fragmentation and more strain on the network-affiliate relationship as upshots of a new joint venture sports streaming service announced earlier this month by Fox Corp., Warner Bros. Discovery and Disney. This story is available to TVNewsCheck Plus subscribers only. Become a subscriber here.


Why Roku Stock Is On The Rocks

The tech firm faces increasing competition on the streaming advertising side, as Netflix and Disney grow ad tiers and Pluto and Tubi offer free services, and may get a new rival on the smart TV-manufacturer front.

No Satellite, No Problem. DirecTV Touts Streaming

DirecTV, long known as a satellite company, is launching a new ad campaign that says dishes are for the birds and that they should be streaming their TV. A new commercial entitled The Good Stuff features two pigeons on a rooftop who are surprised to notice a household watching "the good stuff" on DirecTV without a dish. The voices of the pigeons – Bobby and Frank – are supplied by Steve Buscemi and Henry Winkler.


New Jobs Posted To TVNewsCheck

New jobs posted to TVNewsCheck’s Media Job Center include an opening for a senior director of sports. Other existing jobs include openings for Sinclair’s corporate engineering team, Hearst’s national consumer unit, Lockwood’s station in Augusta, Nexstar’s Houston station, Hearst’s Louisville station and a SVP at Nexstar’s corporate office.


Bring Market Share Back, Support TVNewsCheck

I believe in TVNewsCheck and I’ve often joked that I enjoy writing the Market Share columns so much that I would do it for free. And perhaps now is the time to do that, at least for a little while.


KAKE Celebrates 70th Anniversary With New Set And Graphics

KAKE, Lockwood Broadcast Group‘s ABC affiliate in Wichita, Kan., unveiled an all-new state-of-the-art set and graphics package during the station’s 70th anniversary year.

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