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Morris Multimedia’s WWAY Wilmington secured Center for Quality Care as an interactive sponsor for its Weather Photo of the Day user-generated content (UGC) segment. Sponsored UGC segments can be a great source of revenue for local broadcasters and an excellent opportunity for brands looking to drive instant leads and sales.

Broadcasters and local stations need new and innovative ways to boost revenues, sell larger ad packages, and reduce production costs.

There’s a great way to do all three – at once.

Sponsored UGC segments are an easy way to quickly attract sponsorship, sell larger ad bundles, and create promotional campaigns for advertisers using only viewer-submitted photos, videos, and comments.

This means less production costs for your organization, improved campaign margins, and more entertaining broadcast content.

“We’ve been working with Megaphone TV for close to a year now, and interactive sponsorships have positively impacted our revenues,” says Bobby Berry, Chief Operating Officer of Morris Network (Morris Multimedia), which includes WWAY.

“Sponsored UGC segments are opening up new opportunities for our ad sales teams and providing our advertisers with inventive new ways of connecting with our loyal Morris audience.”


Powered by Megaphone TV – the #1 interactive sponsorship platform for local broadcasters – Sponsored UGC segments can increase viewer engagement, loyalty, and word-of-mouth for your broadcasts, providing excellent value and exposure to your sponsors.

What are Sponsored UGC Segments?


Sponsored UGC segments are interactive segments that feature UGC from your viewers, sponsored by an advertiser or a brand. Sponsored UGC is an incredible way for advertisers to build deeper brand connections with their audience while generating instant leads and sales.

UGC is any form of content your viewers submit to you, including photos, videos, or comments. UGC is a powerful way to engage your audience, increase loyalty, and create a sense of community.

How do Sponsored UGC Segments work?

Thanks to Megaphone TV, Sponsored UGC segments are easy to create, manage, and profit from.


Sponsored UGC segments make it easy for viewers to submit photos, videos, and comments to a sponsored segment in your broadcast. They also allow sponsors to convert participants into instant leads and sales easily.



  • Boosts broadcast revenue.
  • Simple campaign management
  • Delivers instant leads and sales.
  • 100% brand safe.
  • Native advertising opportunities with Public Albums.

Sponsored UGC for Sports Broadcasts

Sponsored UGC for sports broadcasts is an incredible way to boost station revenues.

Combined with traditional advertising, Sponsored UGC is ideal for brands to connect with highly engaged sports fans. UGC from sporting venues, tailgates, and watch parties make perfect sports sponsorship content.

A Sponsored UGC segment during sports broadcasts provides advertisers with an authentic space to connect with their target demographic and associate their brand with the excitement of the game.

This sense of shared passion and loyalty is something that commercial spots alone can’t do.

Sponsored UGC for News Broadcasts

Sponsored UGC during local news, morning shows, or lifestyle segments provides advertisers with an unparalleled way to build brand awareness and trust within local communities.

Advertisers can build positive brand associations by leveraging your station’s trusted reputation within your community.

A Sponsored UGC segment where viewers share images, videos, or local stories offers incredible brand value for sponsors who want to be considered integral members of their neighborhoods.

Sponsored UGC for Holidays

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Independence Day – the year is filled with special days with unique community, state, and national celebrations.

Sponsored UGC for holidays opens new doors of revenue for your local broadcasts by providing brands with an impactful way to connect themselves with these special moments.

With proper brand alignment, a Sponsored UGC campaign will drive valuable leads and sales to your advertisers while helping build a seasonal brand.

Fully Customized Brand Experiences

Sponsored UGC can be completely customized for a sponsor’s needs, including crafting a campaign directly related to the sponsor’s brand awareness and lead-generation goals.

Imagine a Sponsored UGC campaign for an auto body dealership where viewers submit photos of their old vehicles for a chance to win a $500 discount on car repair services. This strategic campaign allows the sponsor to generate leads while positioning itself as a dependable brand for car repair solutions.

Fully customized UGC campaigns empower brands to stand out, amplify awareness, and generate qualified leads.

100% Brand Safe

Sponsored UGC is all about brand safety.

Approval is required before any UGC piece goes live, and all UGC campaigns have a fully customizable privacy and usage policy to guarantee participants agree to any terms and conditions.

These controls secure brand integrity, ensuring that every piece of UGC aired meets the broadcaster’s values and the sponsor’s expectations.

Advertisers and broadcasters can rest easy, knowing that their Sponsored UGC campaigns are shielded from inappropriate content.

Public Albums: The Native Advertising Goldmine

Host Sponsored UGC galleries directly on your website and expand native advertising opportunities for your sponsor.


Public Albums lets you host Sponsored UGC galleries on your website, allowing you to run native advertising around them. It also extends the benefits of brand association to your sponsor.

Public Albums includes our powerful content moderation tools to ensure 100% brand safety for you and your advertisers.

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Sponsored UGC is an excellent way for broadcasters to boost revenue quickly.

Sponsored UGC segments can increase viewer engagement, loyalty, and word-of-mouth for your broadcasts, providing excellent value and exposure to your sponsors.

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