How AI Retools, Rationalizes And Reshapes Journalism And The Public Arena

Despite growing interest, the effects of AI on the news industry and our information environment — the public arena — remain poorly understood. Insufficient attention has also been paid to the implications of the news industry’s dependence on technology companies for AI.


Google Joins Effort To Help Spot Content Made With AI

The tech company’s plan is similar to one announced two days earlier by Meta, another Silicon Valley giant.


FCC Bans AI-Generated Voices In Robocalls

Effective immediately, the regulation empowers the FCC to fine companies that use AI voices in their calls or block the service providers that carry them. It also opens the door for call recipients to file lawsuits and gives state attorneys general a new mechanism to crack down on violators, according to the FCC.


Iran Reportedly Uses AI-Generated Anchor To Air Fake News Report In United Arab Emirates

In a move that could spell trouble for news stations in the U.S., Iranian state-backed hackers interrupted European-based streaming services in the United Arab Emirates to air a report about the war in Gaza created by artificial intelligence.


News Corp In ‘Advanced’ Talks With AI Firms On Deals To License Content, CEO Says

CEO Robert Thomson — a vocal critic of AI firms that have effectively stolen content from news organizations to train chatbots that produce “rubbish” — said “crucial negotiations are at an advanced stage” as prominent media firms seek fair compensation for their copyrighted works. Thomson said News Corp. believes “courtship is preferable to courtrooms” to solve the hotly debated issue.


Meta Calls for Industry Effort to Label AI-Generated Content

The social network wants to promote standardized labels to help detect artificially created photo, video and audio material across its platforms.

Sinclair Stations Add Futuri’s AI-Driven Sales System, TopLine

The move follows a pilot program started last summer. Sinclair said: “TopLine combines AI technology with sales research and data-driven presentations, empowering sales teams to extend into new categories, get more appointments and reach new types of buyers.”

Semafor Launches Microsoft-Sponsored AI-Assisted Breaking News Feature

The tech giant is paying an undisclosed but significant sum to the media company as it launches “Signals.” The feature intends to “offer readers diverse, sophisticated perspectives and insights on the biggest stories in the world as they develop,” Semafor wrote on Monday.


AI Fuels A New Era Of Product Placement

Realistic-looking shampoo bottles and seltzer cans are popping up on videos from digital creators on TikTok and YouTube in a new form of old advertising. Pictured: A screenshot of a recent TikTok from the dancer Melissa Becraft that used AI to digitally superimpose a poster for Bubly, the sparkling water brand owned by PepsiCo, onto the wall of her apartment.


Using AI, Hollywood Agency And Tech Start-Up Aim To Protect Artists

WME said the partnership would help its clients get fake images of themselves removed or receive compensation for use of their likenesses. Pictured: The real Taylor Swift in concert last spring. Recent A.I.-generated images of the singer have brought attention to likeness theft.


New York Times Is Building A Team To Explore AI In The Newsroom

The publication is hiring engineers and editors for a new team that will experiment with uses for generative AI, but says journalists will still write, edit and report the news.

FTC Investigates Partnerships Between Big Tech And AI

The Federal Trade Commission said Thursday it is investigating how partnerships between large tech businesses and artificial intelligence companies could affect competition. The agency sent so-called “6b” orders — equivalent to subpoenas — to the tech companies Microsoft, Amazon and Google, and artificial intelligence businesses OpenAI and Anthropic. Those orders seek information about deals between  Microsoft and OpenAI, Amazon and Anthropic, and Google and Anthropic.


George Carlin Estate Sues Over Fake Comedy Special Purportedly Generated By AI

The lawsuit filed in federal court in Los Angeles on Thursday asks that a judge order the podcast outlet, Dudesy, to immediately take down the audio special, George Carlin: I’m Glad I’m Dead, in which a synthesis of Carlin, who died in 2008, delivers commentary on current events. (Gregory Bull/AP)

NBC Sports Next’s SportsEngine Expands Partnership With Pixellot To Offer Free Live AI-Automated Streaming Technology To Sports Venues

NBC Sports Next’s SportsEngine and Pixellot today announced the next phase of their partnership, which will offer enhanced livestreaming opportunities for sporting venues across North America at no cost. The new collaboration between SportsEngine, […]


The Sleepy Copyright Office In The Middle Of A High-Stakes Clash Over AI

The office is reviewing how centuries-old laws should apply to artificial intelligence technology, with both content creators and tech giants arguing their cases.


Most Top News Sites Block AI Bots. Right-Wing Media Welcomes Them

Nearly 90% of top news outlets like The New York Times now block AI data collection bots from OpenAI and others. Leading right-wing outlets like NewsMax and Breitbart mostly permit them.


NTIA To Release AI Accountability Report ‘This Winter’

he National Telecommunications and Information Administration is planning to release its artificial intelligence accountability report “this winter,” the agency’s top official said on Monday. The NTIA first requested comment in April 2023 on what policies should be put in place to ensure the trustworthiness of AI systems. More than 1,400 commenters weighed in, which is a lot for the agency, NTIA Administrator Alan Davidson said at a Knight Foundation event.

Google Rolls Out Conversational AI In Search Ads

Google has introduced a conversational experience in Google Ads powered by its Gemini AI model that can run on everything from mobile devices to servers in data centers. Conversational experience enables advertisers to generate relevant ad content such as creative and keywords from a website URL. The tool — initially announced in May during the company’s Google Marketing Live event — has now rolled into a Beta project and is available to English-language advertisers in the U.S. and U.K.

Ex-Nvidia Exec Launches RagaAI With $4.7M Funding To Automatically Test And Fix AI

RagaAI, an AI-focused startup, says it has successfully closed a $4.7 million seed funding round. The round was led by pi Ventures with participation from global investors including Anorak Ventures, TenOneTen Ventures, […]


As Gen AI Inches Closer To TV News, Stations Build ‘Policy Groups’ To Be Ready

Forward-looking station groups including Gray Television, E.W. Scripps and Graham Media are forming internal policy groups to tackle the challenges that will come with adopting generative AI in their newsrooms.


Meta Doubles Down On AI, Fuses Efforts

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced the company’s next steps toward investing in artificial intelligence — highlighting plans to open-source the emerging technology; build an infrastructure; fuse the company’s two leading AI research groups; and connect Meta’s efforts to its ongoing metaverse development vision. “Our long term vision is to build general intelligence, open source it responsibly, and make it widely available so everyone can benefit,” Zuckerberg posted on Threads.


Have Marketing Questions? Eye Square’s New AI Memex Jr. Has Answers

Berlin, Germany-based research company Eye Square said it launched Memex Jr., a generative artificial intelligence tool designed to explain complex marketing topics and provide insights that can improve advertising performance.


AI Is The Buzz, The Big Opportunity And The Risk To Watch Among The Davos Glitterati

Artificial intelligence is easily the biggest buzzword for world leaders and corporate bosses diving into big ideas at the World Economic Forum’s glitzy annual meeting in Davos. In a sign of ChatGPT maker OpenAI’s skyrocketing profile, CEO Sam Altman made his Davos debut to rock star crowds, with his benefactor, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, hot on his heels. Pictured: A huge advertising banner with a slogan about AI is fixed at a building at the Davos Promenade, alongside the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The AI technology has taken a large and growing slice of attention in Davos, this year the theme of Artificial Intelligence “as a driving force for the economy and society” will get about 30 separate sessions. (Markus Schreiber/AP)

OpenAI Must Face Libel Suit Over Chatbot Fabrication, Judge Rules

Siding against OpenAI, a judge in Georgia ruled Thursday that radio host Mark Walters can proceed with a defamation claim over false information provided by the chatbot ChatGPT. Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge Tracie Cason didn’t spell out the reasons for her decision, other than to say she had reviewed the file and applicable law.


Four Big Questions About Gen AI

With AI advancements proliferating and its role in media growing, media companies should step back and ask some key questions about the data being used to fuel its advancements.


Client Relationships, Taming ‘AI Beast’ On 4A’s 2024 Priority List

The 4A’s has issued its annual “Look Ahead” report for 2024 and not surprisingly, helping members “tame the AI beast” is a top priority for the organization.  A lot of focus on the impact of AI (and more recently generative AI) on agencies has been about the creative impact but as 4A’s CEO Marla Kaplowitz notes, the technology will affect “every area within the agency ecosystem” from operations, talent, new business, creative, media, compensation models and more.

George Carlin Estate Threatens Legal Action Over AI Special


The AI Industry Has A Battle-Tested Plan To Keep Using Content Without Paying For It

ChatGPT and other generative AI applications rely on copyrighted material to do what they do. But rather than compensate creators, the companies are turning to one of Silicon Valley’s most reliable playbooks: claiming what they do is legally fair use. (Richard Drew/AP)


Studios’ Now-or-Never Choice: Sue AI Companies Or Score A Major IP Deal

As AI generators like Midjourney are increasingly able to replicate movies frame by frame, it won’t be long until they can re-create the Avengers: Endgame with an alternate finale. Will Hollywood just let that happen?

SAG-AFTRA And Replica Studios Introduce AI Voice Agreement At CES

Replica Studios, an artificial intelligence voice technology company, and The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists announced a “groundbreaking” AI voice agreement during an event at CES. This new […]