Broadcasters Look For Ways To Ride The 5G Wave

TV stations hope to tap in to the huge market of mobile customers and move big groups of people back to the broadcast model. Pictured: A phone showing a 5G broadcast of France24’s English language programming. (Photo: Bill Christian)

WWOO-LD Successfully Tests Proof Of Concept For 5G Broadcasts

The Boston low-power station demoed a programming stream and tests of emergency alerts using a Rohde & Schwarz transmitter. The organizers described the event as the first 5G broadcasts from a U.S. station to a smartphone.


WWOO Files To Become Nation’s First 5G TV Station

The Boston low-power stations says the experimental license it’s requesting could become a “game changer” for TV stations and consumers.

DMA 187

Lafayette, Ind., Getting Fox-NBC Affiliate

In the home of Purdue University, Bill Christian and Mike Reed have launched a low-power TV station with the dual affiliation and bought four radio stations to go with it.