KJLA Los Angeles Selects Hitachi 4K Studio Cameras

In addition to serving as the Los Angeles home for American Spanish-language television network Azteca America, KJLA owns and operates two greenscreen stages and production studios at its westside L.A. facility. […]


Azteca America Moving To KJLA Los Angeles

Azteca America has moved its Los Angeles affiliation (the country’s largest Hispanic DMA) to full-power KJLA. The decision to move to KJLA follows the sale of Azteca’s KAZA in the […]

L.A. Trial Finds Stations Can Share TV Ch.

Los Angeles stations KLCS and KJLA have concluded their channel sharing trials, and the results are good news for the FCC, which hopes to auction off a large chunk of the broadcast airwaves to mobile carriers next year. Their report, released to the public on Friday, found there are few technical barriers to two broadcasters sharing the same 6 MHz channel.


Inside L.A.’s TV Channel-Sharing Trial

The TV airwaves over Los Angeles got a bit more crowded last month as two stations tested whether sharing the same broadcast channel is feasible. Their report could determine whether the FCC’s upcoming incentive auction succeeds.

FCC OK’s Channel Sharing Test In L.A.

The FCC, as had been expected, approved a CTIA plan to partner with two Los Angeles TV stations to conduct a pilot project with the aim of showing that the stations can share the same broadcast spectrum.


KLCS, KJLA In Channel Sharing Pilot Project

The two Los Angeles stations, in conjunction with CTIA, ask the FCC to let them conduct a series of tests that will culminate in KLCS “hosting” KJLA’s content and transmitting a shared stream that will combine the two stations’ primary and multicast content.