CNN To Play ‘Inside Politics’ Reruns In Stelter Slot With No New Sunday Show In Sight

One week after Brian Stelter signed off the abruptly canceled Reliable Sources for the last time, CNN aired a rerun of Inside Politics during the Sunday morning time slot — and will continue to do so while it seeks a replacement.


The Horribly Timed Defenestration Of Brian Stelter

It’s not clear that even Stelter knows exactly what happened to his show, Reliable Sources. Appearing on air for his final episode Sunday, Stelter let at least a hint of bemusement cut through his typical sunny demeanor as he noted that Reliable Sources was CNN’s longest-running show — it recently celebrated 30 years on air, nine of them with Stelter as host — and that its ratings were good.


Final Edition Of ‘Reliable Sources’ Raises Questions About CNN’s Future

Stelter Says CNN Must Hold Media Accountable As Show Ends

CNN gave Stelter the chance to host a final episode of the 30-year Sunday morning program on the media even after it was learned this week that he and the show would be exiting — a gesture that’s relatively rare in television.

CNN Cancels ‘Reliable Sources,’ Brian Stelter Leaving Network

The show will have its last broadcast this Sunday. CNN has been looking to cut costs but also to put forth a less opinionated product.

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It’s Official: Stelter To Host ‘Reliable Sources’

In addition to hosting CNN’s Sunday media magazine show, former New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter also will serve as a senior correspondent reporting on media and entertainment news for CNN Worldwide throughout the week.

Stelter To Guest Host CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’