Reuters TV Giving Content Away To Others

Embracing distributed content: “Sometimes we’re going to reach consumers on our own platforms, and sometimes we’re quite happy for that to be on other people’s platforms.”

Reuters Makes TV App Available For Free

Reuters has changed tactics on its TV app, which launched at $1.99 a month but now is available for free in the App Store. Users will have to endure only limited advertising in the new iteration. Reuters has pinned many ambitions to the TV app, among them attracting a younger audience and building a “Netflix for news” experience.

Reuters TV Debuts, Geared To ‘Netflix Age’

Reuters has launched a new mobile TV news service app, Reuters TV, offering curated, personalized video news content. Currently available exclusively for the iPhone, Reuters TV is targeting informed, aware adults in their 30s and 40s who don’t have the time or inclination to watch traditional TV news, but still appreciate professional video journalism. The app is available for a monthly cost of $1.99 per month via an in-app subscription; a free 30-day introduction preview is currently available.

Reuters Unveils Latest Product: Reuters TV

“We are in a period of incredible disruption and innovation,” said Isaac Showman, managing director of Reuters TV. “What we are trying to do is to create a completely new category of TV news. The idea of a coherent, cohesive TV news program that is on-demand, up to date, available for the user at any length they choose.” Reuters TV has two core elements, Reuters Now, an algorithmically-designed TV news program, and the Feed, which features livestreams of events happening around the world.