‘The Late Show’ Cancels New Episodes After Stephen Colbert Experiences Possible COVID ‘Recurrence’

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is canceling the taping of new episodes “until further notice” after its host exhibited COVID-19 symptoms. The news comes only a few weeks after Colbert’s COVID diagnosis paused taping of his CBS latenight show from April 21 to May 2.

‘Late Show’ To Air Repeats After Stephen Colbert Tests Positive For COVID

Stephen Colbert won’t be ripping into anyone else this week in his evening monologue. He’s having to take a break from “The Late Show” on CBS after testing positive for COVID-19. Colbert responded to his show’s own tweet to note that he is feeling fine. He also confirmed he is both vaxxed and boosted.

Colbert’s Post-Super Bowl Show Adds Megyn Kelly

Tax Breaks Help Keep Colbert In New York

CBS will be eligible to receive at least $11 million in tax credits over five years for continuing to broadcast The Late Show from New York and will have access to $5 million in grants for renovations to the Ed Sullivan Theatre. In turn, the network has committed to providing 200 jobs.

Colbert To Keep ‘The Late Show’ In New York

David Letterman’s successor says the CBS show will continue to broadcast from The Ed Sullivan Theater. The network is eligible for up to $11 million in tax credits for keeping the show in New York.

Letterman Gets Visit From Successor Colbert

Stephen Colbert, the Comedy Central host, visited the Late Show for the first time since it was announced earlier this month that he will replace David  Letterman sometime next year. He was greeted warmly, with Letterman introducing him as “very talented” and “always entertaining,” and the two men posed for the obligatory selfie.

Colbert & ‘Late Show’ Raises Questions, Hope

David Letterman’s successor will leave his “Stephen Colbert” persona behind when he heads to CBS sometime in 2015, taking over for the retiring Late Show host (who has not yet specified an exit date). But in lieu of “Stephen Colbert,” who will Colbert offer up to his audience instead? Who is behind the “Stephen Colbert” mask?

Stephen Colbert Taking Over ‘Late Show’

One week after David Letterman announced he was leaving his longtime job as host of The Late Show on CBS, the network has found his replacement. Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, will take over for Letterman sometime next year. Mayors of New York and Los Angeles have already publicly urged the new Late Show host to choose their city.

NYC Urges CBS To Keep ‘Late Show’ In Manhattan