Baron Weather Taps Bob Dreisewerd As New CEO

Robert “Bob” Baron founder and CEO of Baron Weather, today named Bob Dreisewerd president and CEO. The company, a global provider of weather analytics and display solutions, weather radar systems, […]

How Accurate Is Your Weather Team … Really?

WeatheRate uses data analytics to get beyond the hype.

NextGen TV Could Have Its Biggest Impact On Weather Forecasting

NextGen TV, the evolution of broadcast TV powered by the ATSC 3.0 standard, will have wide-ranging impacts on how TV is delivered and viewed by consumers, but according to John Lawson, executive director of the AWARN Alliance, perhaps no broadcast element has a bigger upside with NextGen TV than weather.

Coronavirus Could Disrupt Weather Forecasting

The amount of atmospheric data routinely gathered by commercial airliners has dropped sharply as a result of the coronavirus, the World Meteorological Organization announced.

The Many Hats Of TV Meteorologists

The job of a broadcast meteorologist has changed significantly over the years. During the early days of television, it wasn’t unusual for the weather presenter to wear a costume, play a musical instrument, or work with a puppet. Today the weather is usually delivered by a professional meteorologist using sophisticated computer graphics, street-level Doppler radar maps, and hour-by-hour forecasts.