Robert Feder, Veteran Chicago Media Reporter, Stepping Down


Tronc Drops Robert Feder’s Chicago Media Blog

Flashback: Happy Birthday Walter Cronkite

Robert Feder: “Each year just before his birthday on Nov. 4, I would send Walter Cronkite a tie. And each year on that day, the anchorman of The CBS Evening News would wear the tie on the air before his audience of millions. Here is the piece I wrote about Cronkite for the Chicago Sun-Times when he died on July 17, 2009.

With Self Branding, Journos Get Digital Push

Journalists are finding that sometimes it’s better to be the brand than to work for a brand. In the new economic landscape, many journalists have decided (or had the decision made for them) to leave their newspaper and news organization jobs and create their own branded presence on the Web. But the road to financial success can be long and filled with pitfalls, including the sticky ethics issue of being the editorial and advertising sides all rolled into one. Though some smart brand builders are finding the rewards to be great.

Tribune Denies $100M Cut Ordered By CEO

Chicago media blogger Robert Feder stands by his report that Peter Liguori demanded $100 million in cuts by Dec. 1.

Robert Feder Partners With Chicago Tribune

Longtime Chicago media columnist Robert Feder is launching a standalone media blog next month through a partnership with the Chicago Tribune. The editorially independent website,, will be owned by Feder, but licensed and marketed by the Chicago Tribune Media Group, an agreement based on generating online traffic and ad revenue.

Feder Says Goodbye As Time Out Chicago Sold

Robert Feder Moving Blog To Time Out Chicago

Feder Moving Blog From Chicago Public Media