StepLeader Sells Mobile Platform To DoApp

StepLeader today announced that it’s selling its mobile platform to competitor DoApp, while also unveiling a new mobile analytics platform called Reveal. DoApp will leverage Reveal’s audience data to build mobile monetization and build new mobile products in a partnership going forward.

StepLeader Rolls Out New App Interface

The new user interface will feature a greater emphasis on images and video, following more of a standard desktop browsing behavior with multiple images and videos with each story, along with live HTML links and the addition of related story links.


Responsive Design: App Killer?

Responsive design, which ensures a consistent user experience across various devices, may be a hot topic at media companies these days, but the strategy does not necessarily mean the end of the road for apps. While some executives think that responsive design is a must, others warn that it’s not a catchall solution and apps still have a place in the media quiver. Part one of a two-part special report on local media’s mobile strategies.


WRAL Doubles Down On Mobile With App

The Capitol Broadcasting Raleigh-Durham, N.C., CBS affiliate’s new tablet app is moving away from a text-heavy scrolling interface to a swipeable, visually driven minimalist approach. The company sees the StepLeader-designed app as an important piece of its larger mobile strategy.

Meredith Relaunches Mobile News Apps

The relaunch by StepLeader encompasses live streaming video support, app upgrades on the iOS and Android platforms, as well as enhanced interactive weather features.

StepLeader Spins Off, Plans Expansion

StepLeader, a digital solutions provider that delivers information across mobile technology, OTT/smart TV applications and more, is spinning-off from parent company CBC New Media Group to “support  new opportunities for […]