TAG Video Systems Enriches Replay Creation With DreamCatcher Integration

TAG Video Systems, provider of software-based IP end-to-end monitoring, deep probing, and real time visualization solutions, has announced in a press release that its Realtime Media Platform now supports Evertz DreamCatcher replay technology.

“DreamCatcher is a premiere IP-based replay system ideal for stadiums and other stationary sport venues,” the release said. “Integrating DreamCatcher into TAG’s platform opens the door to deeper data integration, unlocks significant functionality, and gives replay users access to expanded choice when evaluating best-of-breed multiviewer options.”

The integration was launched in November 2023 and has since been adapted by Texas A&M University, per the release.

“TAG always has customers’ needs top-of-mind,” said Robert Erickson, VP of sales Americas. “We’ve Integrated Evertz DreamCatcher technology into our multiviewer so our customers have the opportunity to enjoy TAG’s best-in-breed multiviewer and compliment the industry’s widely used replay system.”

The company said that this integration is another example of the TAG platform’s “interoperability with best-of-breed solutions.” TAG’s IP and COTS-based open architecture allows the platform to work with DreamCatcher as well as systems from numerous industry leaders, including EVS, Nevion, and Imagine, said the release. Access to this wide array of tools provides users with the agility to build end-to-end workflows that deliver quality content.

Integration with DreamCatcher enables users to utilize all of TAG’s monitoring, probing and visualization capabilities, but also allows text to be added on top of the video on the TAG multiviewer for a cost-effective, feature-rich replay solution. The combination of TAG’s multiviewer and Evertz’s DreamCatcher allows six different metadata labels to be shown including the current time, video timestamp, clip name, clip ID, play status, playlist name and play time. The release noted that this data that is “essential for dedicated replay operators to avoid human error, create content and execute their jobs successfully in real-time.”


The first adaptor of the integrated solution is Texas A&M. Already a long-time user of TAG’s Realtime Media Performance platform, Jonathan Kerr, chief broadcast engineer at 12th Man Productions – Texas A&M Athletics’ production department – explained the benefits of the integrated solution. He said, “At Texas A&M, we have one of the largest football stadiums in the country. We’ve been using TAG’s multiviewer with DreamCatcher for several weeks now, and it’s been great. We use a lot of clips and everything we do is planned down to the second. Being able to give our producers the ability to see the DreamCatcher data on our TAG multiviewer allows them to see when a playlist is going to end, when a clip is going to end, and how long the video has been going; all invaluable information that enhances our production values and elevates quality.”

Kerr continued, “We have a total of six DreamCatchers, four of which are dedicated to football. Now, with TAG’s integration, it is possible for our producers, directors, and everybody in the control room – in addition to our operators, to see the metadata on every output in front of them. They don’t have to search somewhere else when they’re trying to see how long a video has been playing or how much it has left.”

(Image courtesy TAG)

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