NAB 2015: L-S-B Broadcast Technologies Products Preview

L-S-B Broadcast Technologies | Booth N6715 | Website: 

L-S-B Broadcast Technologies will be showcasing seamless IP video switching solutions at the NAB Show. The company will present two SDN setups with equipment from Lawo/Arista and Sony/Juniper, showing the seamless source timed switching of live video streams in an IP environment — all controlled by VSM.

L-S-B will show the switching of video streams using two independent setups.

One setup demonstrates VSM’s capabilities in a layout using video hardware from Lawo (two V link4 devices for input sources, one V link4 for outputs) and an Arista switch. The setup demonstrates SDN controlled source timed switching of IP video source streams to multiple destinations, intuitively controlled by the well-known, familiar user interfaces of VSM.

The second setup focusses on the control of Sony’s AV over IP Interface through VSM. Talking directly to Sony’s “System Manager,” VSM makes the migration from baseband to IP networks seamless and intangible for the operator.

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