Fired WSOC News Director Files Suit

Former WSOC news director Julie Szulczewski says she was fired after seven years. She’s filed a a federal lawsuit in which she says the station and its parent company, Cox Media Group, pushed her out to bring in a younger, less qualified man and “keep the boys’ club” happy.

Court Upholds FCC On Net Neutrality, But…

But the 200-page appeals court ruling says the FCC can’t stop states from setting their own regulations. Consumer advocates and other groups viewed the ruling as a victory for states and local governments seeking to put in their own net neutrality rules.

October Regulatory Dates For Broadcasters

October is one of the busiest months on the broadcaster’s regulatory calendar. Here’s a rundown of what’s up.


Jerry Seinfeld Beats ‘Comedians In Cars’ Copyright Suit

Swarztrauber Takes Over As Pai Policy Adviser

Evan Swaztrauber began his new job as policy adviser to FCC chair Ajit Pai Monday (Sept. 30) — the chairman had announced at the FCC’s public meeting he would be making the move. Swarztrauber replaces Nathan Learner, who has left the agency.

Gannett-Gatehouse Merger Clears DOJ Review


WCAU Reporter Charged In Two Assaults

House Panel Seeks End To E-Cigarette Ads

A House of Representatives panel sent letters to four e-cigarette companies asking them to stop all print, broadcast and digital advertising of their products in the United States, the same day as market-leader Juul said it would pull its ads, the panel said on Thursday.

Streamer Locast Sues Big 4 Networks

The streamer alleges that ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC are engaged in sham copyright litigation and are colluding to deny consumers over-the-air signals they once committed to make freely available.

FCC Proposes Online Public Notice Requirements

It would replace the current newspaper publication requirement with a written public notice posted online on a publicly accessible website that includes a direct link to the broadcast application in question.