Nipplegate 10 Years Later: A Flash In The Pan

Decency crusaders thought it would be a pop-culture 9/11. But if the Janet Jackson incident changed anything, it was the belief that one controversy could turn back the cultural clock.

Pepsi To Sponsor Super Bowl Halftime Show

The soda giant says it struck a multiyear deal with the National Football League to sponsor the big game’s musical performance. Financial terms and the exact duration of the deal were not disclosed. The Purchase, N.Y.-based company says it also bought 60 seconds of ad time during the big game, which has seen record ratings for the past three years.

FCC, CBS Continue Battle Over ‘Nipplegate’

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals is reviewing its earlier decision on the FCC’s$550,000 fine of CBS for Janet Jackson’s partially exposed breast on the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.