Gray: Strong Stations, Smart Operations

Under the leadership of Hilton Howell and Kevin Latek, the group has flourished with top station acquisitions, savvy business moves and tech innovation. Gray’s top management team includes (l-r): Kevin Latek, SVP, business affairs; Jason Effinger, SVP, media and technology; Hilton Howell, CEO; Bob Smith, SVP, Midwest and West; and Nick Waller, SVP, mid-Atlantic and South. Here, they’re addressing Gray’s General Sales Managers Summit in Atlanta last September.

Gray Television By The Numbers*

Stations — 93 Markets — 50 in 28 states Reach — 9.4% Ranked Stations — No. 1, 40; No. 2, 9 2014 revenues — $744 million 2014 BCF — $340 million Affiliations — CBS-35, NBC-26, ABC-19, Fox-14 *Pro-forma, all announced transactions This story originally appeared in TVNewsCheck’s Executive Outlook, a print publication devoted to the […]

Gray Deal Diary, 2012—2015

Hilton Howell Multitasks TV And Insurance

Growing up in Waco, Texas, Hilton Hatchett Howell Jr. spent a lot of time working on his grandfather’s ranch. Turns out being a cowboy was good training for business. “My grandfather ran cattle and I grew up on horseback, having to rope and corral cattle when they broke loose,” Howell recalls. He also built fences, […]

TVN Names Gray Station Group Of The Year

Hilton Howell

In announcing the honor, TVNewsCheck Editor Harry A. Jessell cited among other things its disciplined buying strategy that this year yielded Schurz Communications. “Despite the uncertainty facing all legacy media, Gray seized the opportunity to grow in 2015 by snapping up stations that fit strict criteria — nothing but strong stations in strong markets,” Jessell said. Once the Schurz deal closes, the group, headed by CEO Hilton Howell, will operate 175 channels in 50 markets.