‘Supergirl’ Tops In Ad Viewability

The CW’s Supergirl had the highest ad viewability score during May, according to research company TVision. Viewability is opportunity to view, defined as someone who was in the room for two or more seconds. Commercials in Supergirl were most likely to be seen, enhancing the value of the show to advertisers.


The Growing Importance Of Ad Viewability

TV stations and other traditional media providers will have an uphill battle when competing with other digital media providers unless they can document viewable impressions. It also explains why marketers are moving more of their budgets over to digital media and provides some rationale for the changes in the ad measurement world, such as Nielsen’s pairing up with Integral Ad Science in order to offer viewability measurement by age and gender as part of its Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings.


Bringing Ad Viewability Into Sharper Focus

The mission of the Media Rating Council is to ensure media measurement services are valid, effective and reliable. This has proven to be quite a challenge for online, which has a lot more variables at play than traditional media such as radio and TV. Viewability, especially, has become a major concern. George Ivie, the MRC’s CEO, talks about the group’s most recent round of viewability testing and what’s next for the MRC to shed more light on this often-confusing issue.


How One Agency Deals With Viewability

Viewability — whether an ad is actually seen — has become an problem in online advertising. The aim is to work toward 100% viewability for online ads, and that’s led to holding publishers to a higher standard. Talking with Media Kitchen’s Barry Lowenthal. Barry Lowenthal, president at The Media Kitchen, an agency in New York City, talks about how his agency approaches viewability with clients, how much they understand about it, and what his ultimate aim is for viewability.

Omnicom Unveils New Verification Program

Big Data agency Annalect, part of Omnicom Media Group has unveiled what it’s calling an advanced ad verification reporting system that will include viewability reporting. Viewability is an ongoing industry issue with numerous studies suggesting that 50% (or less) of online ads are actually viewable.  The company believes that viewability verification would help its advertising clients improve planning and make better buying decisions and perhaps give it more leverage in negotiations with sellers.