Dyle Launches Mobile DTV Campaign Today

A joint-venture of 12 major broadcast groups across 12 markets plan to launch a number of on-air, digital and live interactive events to promote Dyle’s mobile TV service and new Audiovox wireless receiver.


Mobile DTV Is Dead, Long Live ATSC 3.0

Six years ago, a handful of broadcasters began talking up the idea of using excess digital spectrum to broadcast programming to mobile devices. In 2010 NBC and Fox joined several TV station groups to form the Mobile Content Venture. But here we sit in the waning days of 2013 and mobile DTV is no closer to fulfilling its early promise than it was in 2010. It’s a lost cause. Broadcasters now need to throw their support behind ATSC 3.0, the new broadcast standard being developed that promises to deliver a signal so rugged that it can be picked up on mobile devices without the deal-breaking external antennas.


Dyle Device: Clunky Setup, Not Very Wireless

Dyle’s new mobile DTV receiver by Audiovox, in theory, is a great gadget. It untethers your device from a dongle and it’s now available on the popular Android platform. But it has its flaws. It’s awkward to setup and register your device, and the wireless capabilities aren’t that impressive. Don’t expect to place it in the middle of your house and have access to live TV on all of your devices in every room.

Dyle Unveils Wireless Mobile DTV Receiver

Dyle To Renew Push For Mobile DTV Service

Next week, the company will announce a new product by Audiovox that doesn’t require users to plug a dongle into their smartphone or tablet. It’s expected to cost $99 and be available this year. The product includes a handheld-sized box with an antenna to pick up the mobile broadcast signal, and then wirelessly delvers that signal to a device using Dyle’s app.

Audiovox To Offer Dyle Receiver For Cars

The electronics maker will offer a back-seat entertainment system that will receive Mobile Content Venture’s Dyle moblie TV service.