Twitter Autoplay Ads Promise 100% Viewability

Twitter is now ready to serve autoplay video, which has the potential to change up the experience on the platform with richer and more engaging media.  The company says it has taken a hard stance in one important area that could give it an advantage over rivals in social video: viewability standards. It is promising only to charge on video ads that have been seen 100 percent in full view of the user.

Autoplay Video Ads Come To Articles

While the inRead ads have been around since 2012, scroll-based autoplay video ads have become the new normal site on the Web. Facebook, for example, has pushed the format heavily on its site and mobile app, and the approach has been successful so far: Facebook said that users view over a billion ads a day, and agencies like MEC say that the autoplay ads generate 5% to 6% higher engagement than non-video ads.