‘Squid Game’ To Compete As Drama, Not Limited Series, At 2022 Awards Shows

Though Netflix’s most popular (OK, “sampled”) original series has yet to be renewed for any additional season, the nine-episode Korean thriller will compete as a drama series, and not as a limited series, at upcoming awards shows (including next fall’s Emmys). It thus will throw in against the anticipated likes of Succession, Better Call Saul‘s final season, The White Lotus and the farewell season of This Is Us.

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Advertisers like Verizon and Expedia cling to hope that Oscars can still deliver highly coveted audiences.

Who Wants To Host An Awards Show?

Networks are having trouble finding high-profile emcees to host these galas. Why? Insiders say there are too many reasons to count and they don’t see the situation improving anytime soon.

TV Awards Shows Remain Hot Despite Ratings Losses

NBC, CBS Search For Next Big Awards Show

Think the awards-season jockeying ended with the Oscars? Think again. Competition among the networks for kudocasts is heating up because live events with celebrities are highly conducive to second-screen activity (aka snarky live tweeting).

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