Outgoing CEO Bill Livek Buys $1.15M In Comscore Stock

Bill Livek, who announced plans to retire as CEO of Comscore at the end of 2022, bought 600,000 shares of Comscore stock for $1.15 million, according to a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission. Livek purchased the shares on May 31 and June 1 for prices between $1.90 and $1.93 a share. He now owns 2.4 million shares of Comscore.

Comscore CEO Bill Livek Is Retiring

The tumultuous measurement space is getting upended yet again: Bill Livek, Comscore CEO and executive vice chairman, plans to retire after more than four decades in media measurement. But the Comscore chief won’t be leaving quite yet. He’ll transition into the role of non-executive vice chairman after his successor is named and plans to serve through the completion of his term in mid-2024.

More Turnover At Comscore: Livek Named CEO

Troubled measurement company Comscore announced that Bill Livek has been named CEO as the company reported a loss for the third quarter and a decline in revenues.

Rentrak Extends CEO Bill Livek Through 2015


Rentrak’s Livek Raises His Voice

Bill Livek, the soft-spoken CEO of Rentrak exudes calm and generally eschews controversy, even as he leads an upstart business mounting a challenge to entrenched market dominator Nielsen. But Livek showed a bit of his fire within on a call with investors. Some of them were concerned that a new Nielsen deal with Kantar could pose a significant threat to Rentrak’s business  which is rooted in set-top-box data. Livek wasn’t content to just downplay the value. He tried to poke holes in Nielsen’s plans and suggested with some bite that it is copying Rentrak.