Comcast Tries To Unite Cable On Addressable Ads

With advertisers clamoring for more targeted TV commercials, Comcast Advertising has launched a new cable industry addressability initiative and has gotten Charter Communications and Cox Communications to join. Satellite providers and upstart over-the-top streaming services have pushed their addressable capabilities, but the cable industry has been slow to unite behind a standard that would make it practical for advertisers to mount addressable campaigns with national scale.


Blazing The Trail Toward TV’s New Frontier

While some people talk wistfully about the Golden Age of television, I’d like to suggest that TV has the opportunity to create and enjoy its next golden age. But the secret is that maps from the past cannot guide us in the uncharted territory that lies ahead — there be dragons. Succeeding in the digital era will require blazing new trails. The speakers and panels and experts that will be featured at Media Finance Focus 2015 — MFM and BCCA’s 55th annual conference — can help you find your way.


EMCAPP Speeds, Improves Ad Credit Process

Developed by MFM’s subsidiary BCCA, the media industry’s credit association, EMCAPP reduces the time and money spent by all three of the constituencies of the credit application process.


Finance Execs Face Full Plate Of Challenges

Broadcasting CFOs and others concerned with the bottom line are busier than ever. Their hot-button issues — many of which will be addressed next week at the annual meeting of Media Financial Management Association — include: the changing network-affiliate relationship; the FCC’s attempt to recover stations’ spectrum; the development of mobile DTV; the volatile, choppy economic recovery; the M&A outlook; and figuring out how to deal with the relaxed credit terms that were extended to advertisers as a means of bolstering revenue during the lean years.