NAB 2014

Smith: U.S. Needs A National Broadcast Plan

FCC CEO Gordon Smith says such a plan is needed to balance the federal government’s “increasingly singular focus” on broadband. The FCC should take a “holistic” approach, starting with a thorough review of all regulations. “Where is the FCC’s gusto and determination to embrace broadcasting’s values and public service responsibilities?” he asks.


Why The Print Model For Broadcasting Works

Former FCC Chairman Mark Fowler: “No outside force or coercion, no loss of freedom of the press or speech, is necessary to produce all sorts of broadcast programming in the public interest. It may not always be of highest quality, but is the government to be the arbiter of what is quality? And, for the diehard critics, I challenge them to name one controversial issue of public importance, federal, local, or international, not covered by the broadcast media. They cannot.”