TBS Renews ‘Ground Floor’ For Second Season

FX Renews ‘Archer’ For Sixth And Seventh Seasons

Pa. Man Admits Beating ‘Amish Mafia’ Star

LANCASTER, Pa. (AP) — A central Pennsylvania man has pleaded guilty to beating a star of the TV series “Amish Mafia.” Imir Williams admitted Thursday to assaulting and stalking girlfriend Esther Schmucker, who appears on the Discovery Channel show based in Lancaster County. Authorities say Williams repeatedly punched Schmucker on Oct. 31 at her Strasburg […]

Cable TV Dominated Social Media Buzz In 2013

Cable’s Summer Winners And Losers

What’s hot: Sharks, Dr. Who, meth dealers and teens on Disney. What’s not: Big drama launches, new networks and teens who used to star on Disney.

Cable’s Latest Targets: Broadcast’s Fall Hits

For years cable networks showed their strongest shows during the summer, when they faced minimal broadcast competition. It was their time to shine, and shine they did. Now cable is challenging broadcast in that time of year when the Big Four networks long monopolized viewers’ attention, the fall.

Microsoft Brings Cable Programming To Xbox

Microsoft’s long-rumored plans to bring cable television content to its Xbox video game console will become reality over the holidays. The software giant announced this morning that nearly 40 television content providers — including Comcast, Verizon and HBO in the United States — will roll out programming over Xbox Live. The company also has deals lined up with providers in the U.K., Spain, Canada, Mexico, Germany and Italy.

FCC Seeks More Choices In Cable Lineups

The FCC approved new rules Monday to make it easier for independent television programmers to get their channels carried on cable system and to prevent cable companies from discriminating against independent channels that may compete with their own networks.

Lively Debut For AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’