WikiLeaks: CIA Hacked Samsung Smart TVs

WikiLeaks has published a trove of documents it says detail the inner workings of the CIA’s hacking programs — and among them is the claim that the U.S. spy agency is able to hack into Samsung smart TVs and use them as covert microphones.

Report: CIA Used Media Leaks To Advantage

The agency leaked classified material to reporters to shape the perception that its detention and interrogation program was an effective tool in thwarting terrorism, according to a Senate report released Tuesday.

Austin Goodrich, CBS Reporter/CIA Spy Dies

Austin Goodrich, 87, worked under cover as a CBS correspondent before his CIA affiliation was revealed. He joined the relatively new Central Intelligence Agency soon after his graduation from Michigan in 1949. While stationed in Oslo and Stockholm early in his clandestine career, he sought a suitable occupation to cover his true profession. He assumed a dual identity as reporter and spy.