Media Staffing Network Conducting Radio & TV Sales Compensation Study

Media Staffing Network (MSN) will present the 2023 Radio & TV Sales Compensation Study. The goal of the study is to guide radio and television owners, operators, and managers to develop sales compensation […]

Study Finds Racial Disparity In Writers’ Compensation, Showrunner Opportunities

Think Tank for Inclusion and Equity’s survey of 875-plus working TV writers revealed inequities in compensation, promotion and opportunity.


Rethinking Media’s Compensation Model

Agencies need to come up with ways to retain talented Millennials, halting the high turnover. One way: Think beyond money to personal experiences, such as trips and classes.

Disney CEO Bob Iger Earned $31.4M In 2011

Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Bob Iger received nearly $31.4 million in total compensation last year, an 11.9% increase from 2010, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.