Smart TVs Pass The 200 Million Milestone

Smart TVs in the U.S. have reached a milestone with a new study from  Hub Entertainment Research showing that American homes now own an estimated 204 million smart TV sets, breaking the 200 million mark for the first time. The fifth annual wave of Hub Entertainment Research’s “Connected Home” study found that 77% of TV households say they own a smart TV, up from 66% three years ago. Well over a majority of all TV sets — six in 10 (61%) — are now reported to be smart sets, up from 45% in 2020.

Sony Sets CTV Live Streaming Deal With Vidgo

Sony and Vidgo today announced a new deal bringing Vidgo’s premiere streaming service to millions of Sony smart TV viewers across the nation. “56% of U.S. homes own a smart TV […]

YouTube Offering Familiar TV Shows Free With Commercials

YouTube, looking to compete with free-ad supported streaming channels as more of its viewing occurs on connected TVs, is offering viewers a collection of licensed TV programs they can watch for free with commercial interruptions. Google’s streaming video giant said it has more than 4,000 episodes of shows including relatively recent series.

86% Of Consumers Own Internet-Connected TV

As high-speed internet has become a necessity in consumer’s homes, so has the demand for internet-connected TVs. The number of households with CTVs has seen a consistent rise over the last few years, but it’s flattening out as market saturation occurs. In 2Q 2021, 86% of broadband households in the U.S. have a CTV according to data from TDG, compared to just 50% in 2013. However, this year’s statistic is only up 1% since 2020, the smallest growth so far. That’s because the market is reaching a plateau since most people have already adopted CTVs and Smart TVs for streaming.

Samba TV And 605 Partner On Omniscreen Addressable TV

Samba TV, a global provider of omniscreen advertising and analytics, has partnered with 605, a television measurement and analytics company. The deal provides Samba TV with exclusive addressable access to a subset of 605’s TV viewership dataset […]

Samsung Leads As Global Connected TV Device Total Hits 1.28B

Nielsen To Measure YouTube, YouTube TV Ad Inventory On Connected TV Sets

The growth of video streaming of all types is now an impetus for Nielsen to add new measurement for YouTube and YouTube TV when it comes to the video-site advertising inventory on connected TV platforms. YouTube’s streaming TV inventory will be measured in Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings and Total Ad Ratings.

Apple TV App Comes To Sony Smart TVs

Adam Gaynor Joins Vizio As Network Partnerships VP

Vizio Inc., has added Adam Gaynor as vice president of network partnerships. He will help build direct relationships with networks across Vizio’s SmartCast platform and its advertiser-direct business unit, Vizio […]

Android TV Takes Major Step In US Market With Integration Into TCL Smart TVs

Connected TV Ads Grew In April, May

Advertising rebounded in April — at least on connected televisions — as the initial wave of public service-driven advertising ebbed and brands began to take advantage of the rise in screen time in quarantine. Programmatic ad transactions on CTV rose 40% between April 5 and May 11 after falling 14% during March, according to research from Pixalate.

YouTube Rolls Out Tools For CTV Advertisers

Wurl Serves Up 1.2B Targeted Ads In First Year

FuboTV Sees Rise In Viewing On Connected TVs

More And More New Ways To Watch Content

With 80% of U.S. households having broadband internet, the popularity of TV-connected devices such as Roku (box and stick), Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Google Chromecast, as well as game consoles, is growing. The penetration of these devices is increasing as is the time spent using them. This combination is having a meaningful impact on how people view and engage with content on the TV set, and is consequently changing the ways in which media companies provide services.


75% Of US Broadband HHs Have Connected TVs

More Ads Being Delivered Via Connected TVs

Ad buyers say they are seeing rapid growth in the number of ads that are being delivered via connected TVs, though the market is still relatively small and fragmented.

Vizio Hit With Privacy Lawsuit Over Connected TVs

Marked Rise In Connected-TV Internet Homes

More than half of all U.S. TV homes have at least one TV set connected to the Internet. Leichtman Research Group says 56% of all U.S. homes have at least one television set connected to the Internet from a smart TV, video game set-top box, blu-ray player and/or an Internet-connected TV-video device, such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV. This is up from 44% in 2013, and 24% in 2010.


Smart TVs On Rise In Connected TV World

Connected TV devices continue to climb worldwide — with game consoles devices losing some steam to more installed smart TVs. Worldwide ownership of connected TV devices — smart TVs, smart Blu-ray players, IP-enabled game consoles and digital media streaming units — grew 7% in the second quarter of 2014 versus the first quarter to 500 million units, according to Strategy Analytics.

Univision Adds UVideos To Samsung TVs

Univision is rolling out its TV Everywhere service, UVideos, as an app on smart TVs and connected devices (including Internet-enabled Blu-ray players) manufactured by electronics giant Samsung.

Report: Connected TVs Used Primarily For TV

Internet-connected TVs are being used primarily for watching television, according to a new study from the NPD Group. While 60% of connected TV owners are using the device to acces over-the-top video services, Internet services — such as Web browsing, shopping and social media — are being used by fewer than 10% of owners.

Internet Viewing Via TV Growing

According to the NPD Group, the number of consumers who say the television is their primary screen for viewing paid and free streamed video content from the Web has risen 12% in the past year (from 33% to 45%). During that same period, consumers who said they used a PC as their primary Web streaming video screen declined 17% (from 48% to 31%).

WeatherNation Launches on Sony Connected TVs

WeatherNation TV, a multi-format 24/7 local, regional and national television weather news service, has launched its 24-hour weather news service to Sony Entertainment Network customers using select Sony devices, including Internet-connected Bravia […]


Connected TV Users Like Ad-Supported Fare

A new survey finds that connected TV consumers prefer ad-supported content to paid, ad-free content.

Xbox Jumps Into 2nd Screen With SmartGlass

Connected TVs Offer New Distribution Option

Not long ago, video creators looking for wide distribution on TV sets had few options beyond going door to door begging cable companies for what’s known as a hunting license. Now, however, there is another emerging option. Smart and connected TVs and other over-the-top options offer a chance to cut a deal with a Yahoo, Roku or Samsung and launch a content portal via an app or widget.


Study: 21% Have A TV Connected To Web

About 27 million U.S. households have either an Internet-ready TV or other Web-connected CE device connected to their home network, according to a new ABI Research study.


More Homes Connecting TVs To Internet

Convergence may be going mainstream. New research shows that 38% of U.S. homes have at least one TV set connected to the Internet through a gaming console, Blu-ray player, newfangled TV model or other mode.

CES 2012

CES Buzz On TVs Up, Tablets Down

What’s generating buzz in the buildup to that technology industry bacchanalia known as CES? The most talk is still around tablets but TVs are seeing the biggest year-over-year gains in online buzz, according to new data from Nielsen’s NM Incite unit.


Roku ‘Streaming Stick’ To Connect Any TV

Roku today announced that it is producing a “Streaming Stick” that can convert any television with an HDMI port into a smart device. The stick, available later this year, includes built-in WiFi, processor, memory and software.

Prediction: 551 Million Connected TVs By 2016

Jobs Said He Solved HDTV Set Problem

The forthcoming biography of Steve Jobs reveals that he worked to build an integrated, easy-to-use Apple television set, and that he felt he had “cracked” the concept for such a device.

NATPE 2011

Epix To Launch App For Internet TVs

Cross-platform pay TV venture Epix announced at the NATPE conference that it is developing an app that will let its subscribers access all of its programming through connected TVs. Whether that will be a first in the pay TV category will likely depend which premium channel gets there first, as Epix didn’t disclose which TV manufacturers will be its partners or when it will come to market.

CES 2011

Connected TVs Offer Promise, Challenges

If CES 2011 is any indication of the future of the TV viewing experience, it appears that the days of TV sets that deliver only crystal-clear images will go the way of a wired telephone handset that delivers only crystal-clear sound.


Unbundled Distribution Of Local TV Is Here

Terry Heaton: “Local broadcasting is in the midst of a perfect storm with only two opportunities for tomorrow: a successful MDTV strategy with the digital broadcasting chip in smartphones, and figuring out how to monetize local unbundled, on-demand content. Let’s be real; the day is coming when program makers will distribute their stuff directly to consumers and share money with no network, and we’ve got to be ready.”