TV’s Largest Social Network, Xbox Sales Soar

Samsung Promotes Chairman’s Son To President

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – A scion of the family that founded the sprawling Samsung conglomerate has been promoted to president at the flagship electronics business, sending its shares to a record high. The elevation of Lee Jae-yong, 42, from executive vice president at Samsung Electronics Co. comes after his father, the company’s chairman, last […]

Samsung Expected To Include Google In TV Sets

TV Set Bargains Come Early This Year

HD TVs Now Majority, But Viewing Lags

Now in 56% of U.S. households, high-definition television is one of the most quickly adopted consumer entertainment technologies of the past 20 years, but true HD viewing is still far eclipsed by viewing of standard-definition TV.

U.S. 3DTV Shipments Hit 655,000 Through Sept.

FTC Mandates Consumer Info Tags On New TVs


‘Consumer Reports’ Tests 3D TV Sets

Consumer Reports rated 3D TVs for the first time — but it couldn’t decide whether the new technology was a fad or here for the long term.  “It remains to be seen whether 3D TV is just a novelty or a new product category in the consumer electronics space,” wrote Paul Reynolds, the magazine’s electronics editor. But, he added: “We can tell you 3D TV is the real deal: realistic, compelling and exciting.”

WFLA Tampa Launches Mobile DTV

If you’re a gamer, the appeal of immersing yourself in a virtual world might be obvious. The rest of us, though, still need convincing. The new systems represent “science fiction coming to reality,” said Gary Shapiro, head of the group that runs the annual CES gadget show in Las Vegas, which will showcase VR and related technologies in early January. What’s changed? Screen and graphics technologies have finally gotten good enough to provide a realistic and responsive VR experience.