Talking Video Convergence With STN Video’s Matthew Watson


Making Automated Convergence A Reality

Convergence among technology companies and broadcasters can help broadcasters attain a system of automation that will ease the process of buying and selling linear TV comparable to a digital buy.

Washington Main Challenge To Convergence

Technology, media and entertainment companies are looking to expand into each others’ businesses, but Washington is the main obstacle that is holding convergence back.

Roku CEO On The State Of Internet Video, TV

If Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is the star of the Internet video-streaming phenomenon, then Roku CEO Anthony Wood is the best supporting actor. Wood shares his views on the convergence of Internet video and television i

DMA 64

Convergence Drives Gains At Cox Dayton

Three years after combining its Ohio TV, newspaper, radio and digital operations, Cox Media Group counts revenue and audience gains in TV and radio, tempered losses in newspaper and a marketing effort buoyed by an audience reach of 93%. In the first of a new series of Digital Deep Dive special reports, NetNewsCheck looks at how Cox’s bold experiment in media conversion is working.


CMSs Will Need To Adapt As Media Converge

The time when media companies will no longer be associated with their legacy formats is fast approaching and content management systems will need to adapt to the trend toward convergence. CMS and online video entities will need to provide access to their publishing interface across three channels: desktop Web, mobile Web and mobile app. “Where the editor is publishing from will no longer be a meaningful distinction,” says Timur Yarnell, CEO of BIM.


More Homes Connecting TVs To Internet

Convergence may be going mainstream. New research shows that 38% of U.S. homes have at least one TV set connected to the Internet through a gaming console, Blu-ray player, newfangled TV model or other mode.