D2 Offers A1 Opportunity For Big Four Nets

In dozens of markets, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC are found on the digital subchannels of full-power stations. The Big Four-D2 affiliations work for the networks and they work for the stations, which might otherwise fill subchannels with second-tier broadcast networks like CW or MNT or one of the myriad start-up networks like ThisTV, LATV, RTN or TheCoolNetwork.


Live Well Could Be A Model For D2 Success

What distinguishes this diginet from the host of others vying for subchannel carriage is its heavy emphasis on original programming, which is being produced by the ABC O&Os. It’s leveraging the underutilized talents and facilities of TV stations. And if, as hoped, more get on board, it could become a true programming cooperative where everybody contributes and takes at the same time.