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With millions of Facebook fans and the freedom to speak his mind, the 85-year-old journalist is back in the arena — facing the opponent he’s been waiting for his entire life.

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CBS Refuses To Air Ads For Rather Film

Sony Pictures Classics sought a multi-million dollar ad buy to promote the film Truth on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, the CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning and 60 Minutes, but was turned down, said Sherri Callan, president of Callan Advertising, the company that places ads for Sony.

Rather Rips NBC Over Williams Treatment

Former CBS News star Dan Rather, the longest holder of the Evening News chair, has a theory about what happened to Brian Williams at NBC. “When things started coming apart, he didn’t hire an expert to help him,” Rather said Saturday night. “He relied on their PR people. He trusted them. That was his mistake. They threw him under the bus.”

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Mashable Man Rather Isn’t The Retiring Type

In addition to his Big Interviews on the AXS cable channel, Dan Rather has also signed on for reporting and analysis at the website Mashable, where his story urging people not to get too wound up about the early stages of the 2016 presidential campaign appeared this week.


Rather Takes Time Getting To Heart Of Stories

These days, Dan Rather is still chasing down stories, as he has since the early 1960s. The difference is, now, he’s taking his time to delve deeper into stories than when he was chasing breaking news. His thoughtful, smart, in-depth reports appear on AXS TV’s long-running Dan Rather Presents. His newer AXS TV show, The Big Interview, is lighter but with equally compelling stories, like his upcoming interview with former American Idol judge Simon Cowell (Saturday, 8 p.m. ET). Rather talks about coaxing out Simon Cowell’s insecurities, working for Mark Cuban and being patient.

Robert Redford To Play Dan Rather

Dan Rather: CBS Shouldn’t Fire Lara Logan

The veteran newsman says the 60 Minutes correspondent’s whole record should be considered.

Rather Weighs In On ’60 Minutes’ Benghazi Report

Rather Not Included In CBS Kennedy Coverage

NEW YORK (AP) — The 50th-anniversary coverage of the Kennedy assassination on CBS News won’t include the recollections of its longtime anchor Dan Rather, further proof of the lingering bitterness following Rather’s messy exit and subsequent lawsuit against the network. Rather helped organize CBS’ plans for President John F. Kennedy’s visit to Dallas on Nov. […]

New Cronkite Bio Details Enmity Over Dan Rather

Dan Rather: Suit Against CBS Was Worth It

NEW YORK (AP) — Retired CBS anchorman Dan Rather says his lawsuit against his former network was worth it, even though the $70 million breach-of-conduct case was rejected by New York courts. In his new book, “Rather Outspoken,” he said the case forced some of the “ugly truths” about CBS into the open. The longtime […]

Dan Rather Nearing 5 Years At HDNet And 80

“I never thought we’d get to three years, much less five,” Rather said recently, flashing pride about work most of his old CBS audience has probably never seen. He delivers a solo 60 Minutes​-style report backed by a full-time staff of 22 people and another 10 freelancers who work regularly. He presents serious stories that often unfold at a more leisurely pace than most broadcast reports.

After Long Career, Rather Tries ‘Summing Up’

NEW YORK (AP) — Dan Rather is in the mood for “Summing Up.” The former CBS anchor and reporter has a deal with Grand Central Publishing for a memoir tentatively scheduled to come out in 2012. Grand Central announced Tuesday that “Summing Up” covers his long career in journalism, from the John F. Kennedy assassination […]