CNN Tops All Nets For Chauvin Verdict Ratings

Over 4 million people tuned into CNN Tuesday between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. ET to see Derek Chauvin convicted.


The Derek Chauvin Verdict: How Did The Media Do With Coverage?


TV And Video Played Historic Role In Bringing Derek Chauvin To Justice

Across The TV News Spectrum, Chauvin Verdict Has Pundits Sharing A Sigh Of Relief

Networks Jump Into Action As Chauvin Verdict Is Read

Through The Media Covering The Derek Chauvin Trial, A Collective Pause

Millions of people paused in front of television sets or other screens Tuesday for a verdict in the case that for nearly a year has exposed the raw nerve of racial relations in America.

Chauvin Trial Brings Court TV To New Generation

A rejuvenated cable TV brand name is a gavel-to-gavel source for the highly anticipated case.

Ample Opportunities To Follow Chauvin Trial

Prosecutor Jerry Blackwell and defense attorney Eric Nelson’s arguments were shown live on at least 12 TV networks on Monday: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, HLN, Black News Channel, CourtTV, CSPAN, the Law & Crime Network and Newsmax. Video also streamed on affiliated livestreams for many of those networks, along with and PBS’s NewsHour. Websites for The New York Times and Washington Post streamed it on their homepages, and The Associated Press offered its subscribers a livestream of the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer accused in the death of George Floyd.

Derek Chauvin Trial Is The Biggest Courtroom Case Of The Streaming TV Age

WCCO To Carry Derek Chauvin Trial Live On CBSN Minnesota OTT Platform

CBS O&O WCCO Minneapolis will stream the Derek Chauvin trial, live and in its entirety, on the station’s OTT platform: CBSN Minnesota, beginning 9:30 a.m. CT on Monday, March 29. WCCO’s Jason DeRusha will anchor most of the live coverage on CBSN Minnesota each day. He will be joined by Joe Tamburino, a local 30-year criminal […]