Legendary DJ Don Imus Dies At 79

Don Imus survived drug and alcohol woes, a raunchy appearance before President Clinton and several firings during his long career behind the microphone (and MSNBC’s cameras). But he was vilified and eventually fired after describing a women’s college basketball team as “nappy headed hos.” His radio show, once home to presidential hopefuls, political pundits and platinum-selling musicians, was yanked eight days later by CBS Radio.

Don Imus To Sign Off For Last Time On March 29

Warner Wolf Sues Don Imus For Age Discrimination

NEW YORK (AP) — The sportscaster who popularized the phrase “Let’s go to the videotape!” filed an age discrimination lawsuit on Thursday over his firing from shock jock Don Imus’ radio show. Warner Wolf, who’s 80 years old, charges in a lawsuit filed in state Supreme Court that he was illegally fired in 2016 because […]

Imus Says He’s Leaving Fox Business Network

Don Imus Gets 3-Year Extension For Radio-TV Show