CNN’s Lemon Doesn’t Back Down From Trump

Trump used Twitter on Wednesday to attack CNN’s Don Lemon performance in Wednesday’s Democratic debate. After insulting Lemon’s intelligence, the president said the CNN anchor had insinuated that he was a racist, “when in fact I am ‘the least racist person in the world.’ ” Trump was apparently quoting himself.

CNN Not Commenting On Lemon’s Remark

NEW YORK (AP) — CNN isn’t commenting about Don Lemon’s statement that white men represent the biggest terrorist threat in the country. Lemon’s statement, on his show Monday, attracted criticism in conservative circles. He was talking about the negative attention given to a caravan of potential refugees in Central America. Meanwhile, white men are the […]

C-SPAN Caller Threatens To Shoot CNN Hosts

CNN hosts Don Lemon and Brian Stelter were the target of a death threat heard on-air Friday during a live C-SPAN program about Trump and his supporters’ dislike for news media.

Don Lemon Whiffs In Slam Against Fox News

NYC Police Probe Threats To CNN’s Don Lemon

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Police Department is investigating alleged threats sent to CNN host Don Lemon. Police on Thursday said Lemon, who is black, had reported receiving “numerous threatening and anti-black messages sent to his Twitter account from an unknown individual.” Police say the alleged harassment against the 51-year-old host was reported […]

Trump Blasts Cuomo, Lemon, Colbert

President Donald Trump says he thinks CNN’s Chris Cuomo looks like a “chained lunatic” on television. CNN’s Don Lemon is “perhaps the dumbest person is broadcasting” and CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert is a “no-talent guy” who talks “filthy.”

Opinionated Don Lemon Breaking Out At CNN

NEW YORK (AP) — CNN’s Don Lemon braced himself after being recognized by a viewer on a Harlem street. “I don’t always agree with you,” the person began, ominously. “But keep it up. I’m not always supposed to agree with you.” Lemon could think of no sweeter compliment. The 48-year-old news anchor has attracted attention […]