FCC Releases First EEO Audit Of 2022

The FCC has released another of its regular EEO audit notices, this time targeting more than 250 radio and TV stations. Those stations, and the station employment units (commonly owned stations serving the same area) with which they are associated, must provide to the FCC (by posting the information in their online public inspection file) their last two year’s EEO Annual Public File reports, as well as backing data to show that the station in fact did everything that was required under the FCC rules.


FCC EEO Outreach Enforcement Still In Effect

Stations are required to undertake a variety of activities to educate the public about broadcast employment opportunities and to train their employees to advance in their careers beyond their current positions. These outreach efforts must be undertaken even when stations don’t have job openings. The commission has not said that these obligations are suspended during the pandemic.  In fact, it has been conducting EEO audits throughout the course of the pandemic

FCC Moves EEO Functions To Enforcement Bureau

The FCC said today it’s officially moving its Equal Employment Opportunity team from the Media Bureau to the Enforcement Bureau, effective as of today’s publication in the Federal Register. “By moving our Equal Employment Opportunity team to the Enforcement Bureau, we will improve the FCC’s enforcement of these rules and strengthen our commitment to fighting […]


FCC Starts 2019 EEO Audits

On Friday, the FCC issued its first EEO audit of almost 300 radio and TV stations across the country, the day after announcing its intent to abolish the Form 397 EEO Mid-Term Report.

FCC Eliminates Broadcast EEO Report Filings

The FCC gave a rather significant Valentine’s Day gift to broadcasters, eliminating the requirement that larger radio and television stations submit the EEO Mid-Term Report (FCC Form 397) at the midpoint of their license terms.  While the FCC will continue to conduct EEO mid-term reviews, it determined that filing the EEO Mid-Term Report was no longer necessary, as most of the information required for an EEO mid-term review is already available in a broadcaster’s Online Public Inspection File.

Pai: Move EEO To Enforcement Bureau

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has proposed moving oversight of its Equal Employment Opportunity rules from the Media Bureau to the Enforcement Bureau. That came on what Pai identified as the 50th anniversary of the FCC’s commitment to make sure the national policy against discrimination applied to broadcast licenses as well.


FCC Wants To Drop EEO Mid-Term Report

At its meeting yesterday, the FCC adopted a notice suggesting the abolition of the EEO Mid-Term Report, FCC Form 397. That form is filed at the mid-point of the renewal term of TV stations with five or more fulltime employees and radio clusters with 11 or more fulltime employees. As the content of the report is principally made up of the broadcaster’s last two EEO Public Inspection File Reports, and those reports are available in a broadcasters online public inspection file, the FCC concluded that there is no real reason that these reports need to be separately submitted, and thus proposed its elimination.


80 Stations Named In FCC EEO Audit

In the swirl of news about the deregulatory efforts of the new FCC, one could almost forget that there are still many regulations in place that require significant amounts of paperwork retention by broadcasters. That point was hammered home yesterday, when the FCC released its first EEO audit letter of 2017 for radio and TV broadcasters. The list of almost 80 TV stations is here.


FCC Seeks Comments On EEO Petition

Last week, two broadcasting companies petitioned the FCC to revise its Equal Employment Opportunity rules to allow broadcasters to rely on Internet recruitment sources when filling job openings. While it may not signal a change in the commission’s own perspective on the rules, the Media Bureau has at least sought comment on the broadcasters’ petition. Comments in MB Docket 16-410 are due by Jan. 30, 2017.


FCC Announces First Round Of EEO Audits

The FCC on Thursday issued a Public Notice announcing its first EEO audit for 2016. Letters to about 280 radio and TV stations went out on Feb. 24 asking for evidence of their compliance with the FCC’s EEO rules.On Thursday,  the FCC released the form audit letter and list of stations that will be audited. Responses from the audited stations are due to be filed at the FCC by April 11. Licensees should carefully review this list of affected stations which was released with the Public Notice to see if any of their stations have been selected for the audit.


June 1 EEO Deadlines Loom At FCC

Certain radio and television stations face an upcoming FCC Equal Employment Opportunity annual reporting deadline on Monday, June 1. Here’s what you need to know.


Web-Only, EEO Recruitment Not Enough

The Internet may be the go-to place for job-seekers, but the FCC still insists on an Old School approach when it comes to broadcast jobs and EEO.


EEO: Six Key Tips For Staying Out Of Trouble

With the FCC stepping up enforcement of equal employment opportunity regulations, here’s a list of things stations should know to avoid heartache and FCC sanctions for noncompliance.

FCC Media Bureau Cracks The EEO Whip

The Media Bureau celebrated the end of 2010 (or maybe the arrival of 2011) by serving warning that, for every single job opening — no exceptions — broadcasters must notify multiple recruitment sources that are likely to refer applicants from diverse backgrounds. Exclusive reliance on over-the-air announcements and Internet postings will not do the trick.